Fearfully and Joyfully

December 19, 2021


There are times in life when we experience fear and joy at the same time. The fear and joy of going away to college. The fear and joy of getting married. The fear and joy of starting a new job. The fear and joy of having a child. The fear and joy of skydiving. When we learn to harness our fears, we can find joy in new and challenging situations. Too often, we live only in fear. Fear manifests itself as our everyday anxieties where we find ourselves living in the regret of the past or grasping at the future. Joy manifests itself in presence – God’s presence – that point at which we shed the past, let go of the future and are just there, where we are, in that moment. God is in control of the future, and that future looks bright for those on whom God’s favor rests.

Bible References

  • Luke 2:1-20