FOCUS: Courageous Mission & Service

October 6, 2019


As part of our FOCUS campaign, we want you to become greater influencers for Jesus. Be courageous in your mission and service to your neighbors. Tell them what Jesus means to you. Let them see in you the peace of Christ which passes all understanding, the peace of God which heals, the peace of the Spirit which transforms life. Our FOCUS goals are:
• “200 Club” – each member giving 200 hours of community service
• 20 new mission participants – never volunteered before? Now is the time!
• 20 youth in mission projects – youth have surprising gifts/deep compassion for helping
• 20 people to House of Hope – extend our reach to a far-flung part of God’s creation
• 20 boxes of Blessings to cancer center each quarter – compassionate care

Bible References

  • Numbers 11:16 - 25
  • Luke 10:1 - 11
  • Luke 10:16 - 20