Life’s Two Pockets

October 28, 2018


Elzéard Bouffier was neither saint nor sinner: he was both. Though he intended to cut himself off from his fellow human beings, he succeeded in shepherding a reborn creation into existence, and brought new possibility for life to his neighbors. Bouffier chose to take his hand out of life’s left pocket, out of the ashes and dust, out of the heartache and suffering, and to put his hand into life’s right pocket, into a life of purpose and rebirth, into a life of joy and contentment.

It’s not easy to choose the life Bouffier chose. It takes determination and courage. It’s no easier to choose, as the Tax Collector did, to own up to our mistakes and to ask God’s help and forgiveness. Choosing to put your hand in the right pocket means choosing the more difficult road, but the better road, the right road.

Bible References

  • Luke 18:9 - 14