NAHUM: Understanding God’s Judgment

July 7, 2019


Jesus took God’s judgment on the cross. All our wicked and vile sins were nailed there with Him. He alone is our Savior. Nahum’s words to Nineveh serve as a warning for us, driving us to the cross of Jesus. For there we see God’s perfect combination of love and justice. God poured out God’s wrath against sin on Jesus. God’s love is evidenced in Jesus’ willingness to die for our sins, receiving the punishment so that we could be set free. All we need to do is to go to Jesus, repenting of our sins, trusting in his free gift of salvation fully and forever. God’s judgment will come, as it did to Nineveh, but because of Jesus, we need not fear God’s wrath, just accept God’s grace.

Bible References

  • Nahum 1:1 - 9