OBADIAH: Get Off the Sidelines!

June 16, 2019


Just wait a while. You will see that God always has the final word, the ultimate victory. The last chapter in every story is always God’s and it is always good. Which is why Obadiah concludes his prophesy with these words: “The kingdom will be the Lord’s” (v. 21). Judgment and victory are in God’s hands. May we never forget that. May we live as champions and winners regardless of the present score. We know the final victory belongs to God, and with God, we always win.

We cannot afford to stand by watching the moral disintegration of this society God has placed us to love and to serve. We must stand up in the name of Jesus and seize the day for him. We can no longer remain on the sidelines, indifferent. We must act and act now.

Bible References

  • Obadiah 1 - 4
  • Obadiah 8 - 15