Patrick’s Legacy

March 17, 2019


Let me offer some ways to honor Patrick’s legacy: Offer some holy conversation to a person who needs to know the love of Jesus; Engage that person at work who may be difficult for you; Help a neighbor without being asked; Respect those with whom you disagree; Drop a note to someone who could use encouragement; Give a few hours to support those in our community who have needs; Build a relationship with someone you don’t know.

Know that the second you walk out the church doors you are a missionary who, like Patrick, is called to “walk among” the people of our community, offering them hospitality, friendship and the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s the kind of missionary work that can transform a community and even the world. When we can do that, we can say with conviction that there is a wee bit of the Irish saint in all of us!

Bible References

  • Acts 16:9 - 15