Renew My Mind

November 1, 2015


I wish life had a reset button. My computer has a reset button. My car has a reset button. My television has a set button. My alarm clock has a reset (snooze) button. Video games have a reset button. Why can’t my life have a reset button, too?

Some days things are so crazy I really need a reset button. Some days, when I seem to be doing everything wrong, I need a “do over.” Sometimes, if I don’t like the sermon, I’d like to request a mulligan. Sometimes I say things I shouldn’t, or the words come out all wrong, and I’d like to say, “Wait! Wait. Let me try again.” It’s hard keeping up and getting it right.

The Apostle Paul stresses the importance of taking our thoughts captive for Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). When he wrote to the followers of Jesus in Philippi, he encouraged them to think about things and about ourselves the way God does – to have the mind of Christ (2:2) – in essence, to renew our minds by resetting them, reprogramming them, and realigning them with God’s thoughts and ways.

Bible References

  • 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • Romans 12:2 - 3