Sharenting the Transfiguration

February 23, 2020


There is a word for this over-sharing about our kids on social media: “sharenting,” a hybrid of the words sharing and parenting. Sharenting happens any time an adult in charge of a child’s well-being, such as a parent or a teacher, transmits private details about a child via digital channels.

Most sharenting stems from simple parental pride: we love our kids and want to share their achievements and antics with others. It’s a way to keep loved ones who live far away in the family loop.

Fortunately, God did a lot of sharenting, a pattern that included the Incarnation, the cross, and the empty tomb. In one of these sharenting bursts, God advises us to listen to Jesus. Jesus will later say that if we are going to follow him, we will need to deny ourselves and pick up a cross. God’s instruction at the Transfiguration is to listen to Jesus’ words, because his words are the words of life, for he himself is the Word. That’s worth sharing and reposting. When we hear what God says to us in Christ by the Holy Spirit, and when we heed his call to discipleship, we can be assured that God will be sharenting what we do for all the world to see.

Bible References

  • Matthew 17:1 - 9