State of Readiness

November 27, 2022


There is a story told of a woman who received a note from Jesus saying, “I will visit you today.” She furiously tore around her house cleaning and baking and making things presentable for such a distinguished visitor. As she bustled about the door rang. She opened the door to find a poor beggar asking for some money. “I can’t help you now,” the woman said, “I’m preparing for Jesus to arrive.” A little later the bell rang again. It was a young mother asking if she could borrow some milk for her child. “Come back later,” the woman said, “I’m preparing for Jesus to arrive.” A third time the bell rang. It was a day laborer asking if the woman would hire him. “Sorry,” she said, “Not now. I’m preparing for Jesus to arrive.” Sometime later there was a knock on the door. The woman opened the door, and a delivery boy handed her a telegram from Jesus. It read: “I visited you three times today, as a beggar, a young mother, and a laborer, but you were not ready to receive me.”