The Power of the Hidden Influencer

November 8, 2020


Some of us might conclude that we do not affect the church much at all, and that is fine, if we are correct. Not everybody is an influencer. But others of us may realize that our impact is indeed outsized, which can be a good thing. We might even consider it a spiritual gift. Among the gifts Paul lists in 1 Corinthians 12, is “forms of leadership” (v. 28), which is a rendering of the Greek word kybernesis, a nautical term meaning “to steer” or “to pilot.” But remember that on a ship, while the captain may direct the course, the actual steering is often done by a crew member whose presence at the helm influences everybody on board. The helmsman’s influence is indeed outsized: if that sailor follows the prescribed course, the impact on the ship is helpful, even a blessing; but if that sailor has contrary ideas about where the vessel should go and acts on them, there will soon be problems for everyone aboard.

Bible References

  • Matthew 25:1-13