Walking Away From It All

May 1, 2022


There is an old Jewish story about a rabbi walking through a neighboring village late at night. He encounters another man walking alone, and together the two of them walk down the street in silence. Finally, the rabbi turns to his companion and asks, “So, who do you work for?” “I work for the village,” the man answers. “I’m the night watchman.” They walk on some more, in silence. Then it is the night watchman’s turn to ask this newcomer to his village, “And who do you work for?” The rabbi answers: “I’m not always sure. But this I will tell you. Name your present salary, and I’ll double it. All you must do, to earn that extra money, is one thing. You must walk with me from time to time and ask me, ‘Who do you work for?’”

Bible References

  • John 21:1-19