Water from the Well

November 6, 2022


But God does not meet our needs as we sit in passive inactivity. We must reach out and draw what God provides, remembering that it is God’s water, God’s well, God’s rope, and God’s bucket that we use. Therefore, we may draw this water “with joy” because it is all “of the Lord.” We tend to downplay Jesus’ role in our lives because we are a mix of conflicting moods, values, passions, and ethical guideposts. We want to be service oriented, but selfishness prevents it. We try to regard others as better than ourselves, but the “me first” mantra echoes loudly in our heads. We want to look to the interests of others, but we are told there is a scarcity of resources, so we do not share. Such “bucket problems” get in the way of obedient discipleship. The Bible assures us that there is plenty of Living Water. “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” May we, like the thirsty cowboy who heeded Desert Pete’s note, be faithful and obedient, trusting God, casting our buckets into deep waters, and drawing up Christ’s Living Water for the salvation of the world.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 12
  • John 4:4-15