When the Bottom Falls Out

January 11, 2015


What do you do when the bottom falls out?  If it’s a full grocery sack, you shed a few tears and get out the mop.  But what do you do when the bottom falls out of your life – your career, your family’s security, your health?  What do you do when things go horribly wrong?  Though we don’t like to think about it, we all know the unthinkable can happen.  Christians are not insulated from life’s crises; the bottom can fall out for us, too (John 17:15).

The bottom fell out of Daniel’s life.  The king had a dream.  The dream troubled the king; in fact, it scared him.  So he called in his wise men to find out what the dream meant; but the king would not tell the wise men his dream – he wanted them to be able to describe and interpret the dream.  Of course, they could not tell the king his dream, let alone interpret it.  In his frustration, the king ordered all of the wise men of the kingdom killed – and that included Daniel.  The bottom had fallen out.

In Daniel’s response to this collapse of his circumstances, we learn what faithfulness to God looks like when the bottom falls out.  Simply put: Daniel offered God prayer, praise, and proclamation.

Bible References

  • Daniel 2:1 - 6
  • Daniel 2:17 - 23