ZECHARIAH: Prisoners of Hope

August 25, 2019


Will all those efforts be successful? No, but maybe some will. As prisoners of hope we have the incentive we need to not give up. Since we follow the Messiah who proclaims peace, we will work, believing there is no place so dark and no situation so broken that that redemption cannot happen. God sent Jesus to redeem humanity, to set aside our sins, so that we could begin the healing of the world. Scripture says that one day Jesus will come again to complete that process, to make everything right, to establish peace among the nations. Until he comes, it is better to be prisoners of hope than prisoners of despair. Today, as we bless the animals who are dear to us, we affirm our belief that peace can come: peace between neighbors, between nations, between creatures, and for all of creation.

Bible References

  • Zechariah 9:9 - 12