”The Old Rugged Cross” Revisited – Good Friday

April 2, 2021


We wear crosses on chains, emblazon crosses on t-shirts, and stick crosses on our cars to remind ourselves that the Cross of Christ will see us through. A few years back, there were little cards printed with tiny wooden crosses pasted to them. Next to the cross was a little poem titled “The Cross in My Pocket” which explained in verse that the cross was a reminder “to no one but me / that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life / if only I’ll let him be.” This is one way of cherishing the Cross, or better yet, of cherishing the relationship with Christ to which it points. Ultimately, that may be the best way to view the Cross, as the invitation to a relationship that saves and lifts us and brings us peace with God. As we contemplate Christ’s cross tonight, may we see it as the gateway to a new relationship with our God.


Bible References

  • John 18:1-19:42