Covid-19 Resources

The Board of Deacons & Elders endorses the following safety protocols for all persons entering the Federated Church facility.

  1. Face coverings are required for all persons.
  2. Face coverings will be provided or those who desire one.
  3. Face coverings are required for anyone engaging in public singing.
  4. Praise Team musicians will continue to sing behind plexiglass shields.
  5. Spatial distancing of 3-feet is recommended.
  6. Church nursery is closed.
  7. Persons who are sick or who have flu-like symptoms are requested to stay home.
  8. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at every entrance.
  9. Wash hands frequently.
  10. At coffee hour or at meals, please stay masked when not eating.
  11. Around tables, it is recommended that persons from different households use face coverings with a limit of four persons.
  12. Permit the use of hymnals and bulletins.
  13. Use of Power Point for online worshipers.
  14. Use of pre-packaged communion cups instead of passing communion trays.
  15. Use of donation box in narthex instead of offering plates.
  16. Proper ventilation of all inhabited spaces (AC and open windows when possible).
  17. Updated safety signage and safety slides before worship.
  18. Occupancy limits are suspended.