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February 15, 2021

No Guts, No Glory

We have hope. In a world beset by pandemic threats and titanic fears, we have hope. In a country torn into screaming political factions, we have hope. At a time when racism and other “-isms” divide and humiliate us, we have hope. When our “outer nature is wasting away” we have hope that “our inner nature is renewed […]

February 7, 2021

The Cure for News Fatigue

Countering the news with a daily discipline of time spent in the presence of God will enable us to pick up a different pace of life. Do you grab your phone to check the news first thing in the morning? That is a recipe for starting the day with anxiety, rather than mounting up for […]

January 31, 2021

Real People, Not Actors

We are called to be real people, not actors, in our relationships with God and with others. People are looking for real people, authentic people, not people who are showing off, not putting on airs of superiority or self-righteous hypocrisy. They want faithful people, compassionate people, helpful people, real people – not actors. We are […]

January 24, 2021

A Good Disciple Is One Who Leaves

Jesus and his disciples did not remain in familiar places with like-minded people. Instead, they moved into new areas and did the work of helping, healing, teaching, and preaching. Along the way they had difficult confrontations, which is to be expected when lines are crossed. But disagreements are natural and healthy, while polarization is not. […]

January 17, 2021

Try and Buy

Each of us must accept Jesus’ invitation to “take a look.” It cannot hurt. Take some time to think about what Jesus is inviting us to do or to be. Perhaps we are long-time followers of Jesus, but we have never really considered what, specifically, Jesus invites us to do. Perhaps we are newer to […]

January 10, 2021

Vox Dei

As Jesus left his disciples behind, he told them he had much more to say to them. But he left that speaking to the work of the Spirit (John 16). God still wants us to hear from God today: through the Scriptures and through God’s internal leading voice. Just like the words of a dear […]

January 3, 2021

The Party of Life

Today our congregation celebrates the first communion of this new year. We gather, virtually, at the table where Christ is the host. We partake of the tiniest portion of bread and wine whose taste is perfectly ordinary. It is hardly a meal to rival the groaning boards of so many Christmas feasts. But that is […]

December 28, 2020

The Gore-Tex of Righteousness

Freewill means that since we have a choice in the matter of our destiny, not to choose is to choose. This is a fact we would probably eliminate from our religion if we could. We do not like being backed into a corner where we have to say “yes” or “no.” Faith would be so […]

December 20, 2020

The savior Reveal

The true reveal of Christmas is twofold: Jesus is revealed as the world’s true Savior and Lord, and it is also revealed that we can be reborn to live into the purpose and vocation for which God created us. As John puts it, when we receive Christ and believe in his name, we are given […]

December 13, 2020

Joy on Display

Today, we are reminded that the birth of Jesus brings joy! Deep, long-lasting joy. A joy that cannot be extinguished by anything that happens in this world. No pandemic or economic crisis or social upheaval can rob us of the joy Jesus brings. I hope you find that kind of joy this season and that […]

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