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December 10, 2017

Thank You for Waiting

The waiting might be the hardest part of being a Christian, but it’s also an important part. God has given us the tools and the time to bring God’s good news of salvation to the world in anticipation of a second Advent. Let’s wait well!

December 11, 2016

The Name Game

The Name Game

This Christmas, we remember that Jesus saves us from our sin and offers us true freedom to live life to the fullest as his disciples. And as 2016 draws to a close and we look forward to 2017 not knowing what the future may hold, we remember Immanuel, God with us. We never travel alone. […]

December 4, 2016

Impatient for Jesus

Impatient for Jesus

Advent is a time of patiently waiting, a time to prepare, a time to remember. In patience, we enter into the presence of Christ with us every day, living as though the return has already happened. Patience is not grumbling about the troubles of today because we know there is a better day to come. […]

November 27, 2016

The Terror of Advent

Let’s remind ourselves that, on the church calendar, Advent is not just a prelude to the celebration of Jesus’ birth in a Bethlehem manger. Advent is also a time to think more broadly about God’s coming (“advent” means “coming”) not only in the past, when Jesus was born, but also in the future, when he comes […]

December 6, 2015

Expecting Jesus’ Return

Expecting Jesus' Return

Jesus mentions five bridesmaids who wisely prepared for the arrival of the groom by keeping enough oil in their lamps to last in case he was delayed. He also mentions five bridesmaids who foolishly failed to prepare their lamps and so they ran out of oil. The bridesmaids all expected the groom, but some were […]

November 29, 2015

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Well, it’s officially after Thanksgiving, so you know what that means! It’s Christmas! We know this because our Starbucks comes in red cups, you can’t go anywhere without hearing Christmas carols, and the movie Elf is running on at least one TV channel at all hours of the day. From here on out it’s a […]

December 24, 2014

When Jesus Came – and Comes!

When Jesus Came - and Comes!

Some surprises are good surprises: friends throw you a birthday party, you get a letter from a friend, you receive an unexpected gift, the pregnancy test is positive, a hoped for promotion comes through, or an opportunity presents itself.  Other surprises are not so good: the dryer quits, the car blows a tire, the tax […]

December 21, 2014

How Jesus Came – and Comes!

How Jesus Came - and Comes!

We like to be dazzled and entertained, especially at Christmas.  We like to have our senses galvanized with spectacle and pageants.  We’re attracted to shiny things, moving images, and pretty colors.  Madison Avenue knows this, which is why marketing experts can shape public opinion by presenting images that are believable and sellable. I often wonder […]

December 14, 2014

Where Jesus Came – and Comes!

Where Jesus Came - and Comes!

If you visit Jerusalem, you can walk where King Herod the Great roamed his palace and where the Magi came to inquire of him about the birth of a new king.  Herod’s palace is gone, but archaeologists can project the size and grandeur of it from the foundations still intact.  Herod had several such palaces, […]

December 7, 2014

Jesus Came – and Comes!

Jesus Came - and Comes!

Have you ever seen something at a distance, such as a cloud formation in the sky, a bird in a tree, or a landmark on the horizon and, having seen it, wanted to show it to others, to have them see it too?  You tell them about it and they reply, “Show me!  Show me!”  […]

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